On-line since April 1994, before google and the rest.

The internet has moved from a resource, to a shit unregulated american big-tech commercial advertising data mayhem vacuum, a death-trap for teenage girls the world over, and furthers american trash-murder race-to-the-bottom and divisive polarised death culture worldwide. Continuing to use the products or services of alphabet, facebook, amazon, apple, only serves to make these illegitimate herd-elected world leaders even stronger, ever destabilising privacy law, and effective democratic function of governments the world over.

It's not a conspiracy.

Think about what you are enabling every time you make a call, send your pictures, messages, thoughts, movements, family faces, intimate children's details, and every move, through these systems which generate hundreds of millions in real money from everything about you, and those you drag through the same sewer with every inferred connection.

Is cheap ease really worth giving up everything for foreign commercial advertising profit, which only serves to drive people towards ever more excessive consumerism and waste generation? Are you, the progressive individual with the latest £1500 mobile phone with it's non-replaceable or repairable rare-earth sourced parts really benefitting yourself? Do you take your old devices apart every year to be effectively recycled, and thereafter redeem all of your privacy with any one of more than 50,000 data gatherers and abusers a moment later?

The Amnesty International exec, Government equalities minister, Eco-warrior, Fair trade advocate carrying around a handheld device made to be thrown away, to scoop secrets on everyone you communicate with, everything you say, read, view, touch, hear, buy; You are a fake! You are a facilitator of rare earth resource theft and waste, child labour, inhuman work practises, impossibly low slave labour wages, international destabilisation and more. You are a robot who accepts advertising by indiscriminate unknowns as normal in human interaction, steered towards whatever the highest campaign purchase desires - your every action modified to perfection for desired results... but not your results.

Carry on, as you always have, convinced that you're not the problem, that if you didn't use it someone else would - thereby gaining an advantage over you, as this thought process brings even greater literally un-checked power to unelected unknown multi-billion american big tech supra-national companies, connected with military tech, and anything else they can make money on, with no regard for you, once.. a unique individual.

Carry on. European history in no way demonstrates how this can go horribly wrong.. oh no. That's different!

Yes, just all conspiracy.

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